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Acting  Mayor to act if Mayor absent: Tom Sebenaler
Fire Chief:  Casey Faken     $ 500.00 annual salary
Assistant Fire Chiefs:  Tyler Swenson and Clifford Steyn-no annual salary

Responsibility areas:  City buildings – Luke Nordin
                       City Services, City Employees & Equip –Jim Hilman
                       City Infrastructure-Tom Sebenaler  
                        Liquor Store – Mike Olson  
                        Park/Recreation – Shannon Bowlin
                        Fire Department – Michael Olson and Jim Hilman 

Board Appointments: Lancaster EDA-Michael Olson & Luke Nordin
                                Kittson Co. Affordable Housing-Shannon Bowlin                                    

Council PerDiems   (this includes committees and other classes/meetings attended)
                Mayor – $70 per mtg.
                Council – $50 per mtg.
                Mileage – current IRS mileage rate

Official Newspaper:  Kittson County Enterprise

Official Depositories:  United Valley Bank; American Federal Bank; Border State Bank and 4M Fund (MN Municipal Money Market fund)

Officials allowed to sign checks and Certificates of Deposits:  Mayor, Mike Olson; Acting Mayor Tom Sebenaler and Clerk, Carol Johnson with a minimum of 2 signatures required on each check

BUILDING RENTAL RATES:  See rental rates sheet  below

Health Insurance maximum paid for Employee Individual coverage $375.00 per month.

Camping fees:      Tent Site              15.00
                            Daily Electric       20.00
                            Weekly electric   95.00   
       Monthly electric 240.00  OR $1150 if paid in full by June 1st (covers May1st-Sept 30th camping season)

Permits:    Peddlers daily                                  50.00
                Beer        3.2 daily                          50.00
         Restaurant 3.2 Beer & Wine On-Sale Annual 250.00-effective licenses starting 1/1/2018
         Off sale  3.2 Annual                                       250.00–effective licenses starting 1/1/2018

Clerk has approval effective each January 1 with the passing of the rates & fees schedule to pay any bills necessary to avoid late payments, receive discounts & meet payroll and all payroll expenses.

Equipment rates:  Payloader $150/hr.; John Deere Tractor & 10’ Rotary Mower $150/hr; John Deere Tractor & 8’ Rotary Mower $12.50/hr & JD Front Mount Mower $125/hr.-Min. 1 hr.  NOT FOR GENERAL HIRE.   ONLY IF CITY FORCED TO DO WORK.

Insurance issues:  The city does NOT waive the monetary limits on municipal tort liability established by MN Statute 466.04.

Effective 1/1/17 Water Rates:  Minimum 6000 gallons and less $60.00/quarter and  $6.75/each 1000 gallons used above the  minimum.  Sewer Rates:  (Based on gallons of  water used)  Minimum 6000 gallons & less $60.00/quarter and $6.25/each 1000 gallon of water used above the minimum.

INDUSTRIAL PARK SPECIAL SEWER RATE (if water usage exceeds 30k) sewer rate is $18.80/1000 on all usage above 30k

Bulk Water rates $9.35/1000 Gallon-minimum of 2000 Gal/$18.70  --  New account fee $35/Hookup fee $50.00.

Meter Damages fees: $150.00 for inside water meter and $50 for outside meter reader.  
Insufficient Funds Check charges are $30.00/check and will be added to the customer’s water/sewer account. 
Interest rate on overdue accounts 10% per annum.

Special Assessments: eff. 1/1/17: New Water Hookups $4,500.00, 20 yr. assessment with 5% interest per year & Effective 1/1/17 new Sewer Hookups $4,500.00, 20 yr. assessment with 5% interest per year. All Extensions will be reviewed by the council, and may at the councils discretion be charged higher Water & Sewer hookup fees. EXTENSIONS CAN BE DENIED.

NOTE:  North Kittson Rural Water Special Assessments as applied to other city hookups also apply.


   General usage rules:    No alcohol may be consumed by underage persons

  • No alcohol may be served unless purchased and served by Liquor Store Employees-insurance issues make this a necessity
  • No smoking allowed
  • All rented areas must be cleaned after use (except deep fryer)- Return tables to original location-Place  chairs upside down on top of table-Minimum $ 50.00 will be taken from damage deposit or billed to renter if facility not cleaned.
  • Decorations limited to tables and floor space and Hooks provided on walls and ceiling-NO Heavy objects on Hooks.
  • All food brought by renter must be removed after building usage-do not use other food/condiments found in fridges
  • All garbage must be placed in the dumpster provided at the back of the building

Additional charges that may apply:

Damage deposit:  (Community Center & Full Kitchen $100.00 Hall only $50.00)  No Deposit for local nonprofits.  Deposit refundable after facility inspected.                                                                                                                             



 Individuals  & Other Organizations

Lions/Legion/Fire/Golf & local nonprofits

Community center meeting area-NOTE if serving food $20.00 fee for kitchen serving area applies.



Coffee Machine-(use coffee provided)



Kitchen serving area-add $10 to use dishwasher



Kitchen hot prepside-Convection oven, grills, range and dishwasher  (deep fryer not included) Kitchen supervisor (not a cook)included in column 1  & 2 rates   ****NOTE $50.00 fee for Kitchen Supervisor if no commercial kitchen experience



Kitchen Deep fryer (includes oil & cleanup)  MUST use oil provided for  insurance purposes-do not remove oil from fryer



City Hall meeting room

 (local nonprofits no charge i.e. 4-H, legion, lions, sr. citizens etc)



Centennial Hall -NOT AVAILABLE






Gazebo-MUST reserve with the clerk if you want guaranteed usage

No charge

No charge




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