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The Lancaster City Council met for its regular meeting on Wednesday, December 11, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Meeting Room.  Members present were Mayor, Michael Olson; council members John Stenquist, Jim Hilman, Luke Nordin and  Mary Barron.


Barron to approve the council minutes of the November 13, 2013 regular meeting and minutes of the November 13, 2013 Special Meeting, seconded by Hilman and carried.   A copy of the Minutes will be posted at the Lancaster City Hall and U.S. Post Office and available upon request to the clerk.


The council reviewed the December 2013 bills to be paid.  Hilman moved to approve the bills and move $929.00 from the Community Center Savings for repayment of community center fundraiser expenses, second by Barron and carried.  An abstract of bills will be posted with the minutes and are available upon request to the clerk.


Council reviewed the proposed 2014 budget and the 2013 Liquor Store fund balance noting that the liquor store fund balances are adequate for the remodel project with additional monies be available to make the 2014 community center loan payment.  This would enable the proposed 2014 general property tax levy to be reduced by $5000.00.  Barron moved to set the 2014 city property tax levy at $84,000.00 a reduction of $5000.00, second by Stenquist and carried.


Nordin moved to transfer $22,000.00 from the Municipal Liquor Store Fund to the city general fund and designate that this money be placed in the community center savings for the 2014 community center loan payment, second by Hilman and carried.


Council discussed implementing a payroll step system with 7 total steps as a way to meet the state requirements for pay equity. The implementation of the system would be equal to an overall 3% increase in payroll costs.   Barron moved to accept the 7 year step system, starting with hours worked after January 1, second by Hilman and carried.


Clerk reported that Bernstrom Oil Company has applied for a 2014 3.2 off sale liquor license and that all the proper paperwork has been received to support the license application.  Hilman moved to renew the 3.2 off sale liquor license for 2014 and allow the clerk and mayor to execute all license documents, second by Barron and carried.


Clerk reported that USDA representative, Andrew Gag, will be completing the final inspection of the community center project on December 16th at 12:30PM. Council members are encouraged to attend to review any items that they feel are not completed to their satisfaction.


Kittson County Ambulance Service has asked to use the Community Center Free of all charges on March 29, 2014 steak fry.  Hilman moved to allow the Kittson county Ambulance Service to use the community center and kitchen facilities free of all charges, second by Nordin and carried.


Mayor set the Liquor Store inventory for January 1, 2014 at 3:00 PM.


Stenquist moved to allow the 2013 council per diems as presented for payment, second by Nordin and carried.


Clerk reported that the maintenance printer isnít working properly, a used printer is being tried but if that doesnít work out a new printer will need to be purchased.


Council reviewed the November 2013 City and Liquor Store financial information. 


Council discussed and reviewed the community center rental agreements.  It is a one page agreement that states some basic rulers for use of the facility.   The council felt they would leave the agreement alone at this time but will review rental rates at their January meeting.


Council discussed that fire department equipment has not been returned to the city limits.  The council has sent 2 letters requesting their return.  Barron moved to send a final letter to Terry Kukowski, Fire Chief, requesting the return of all equipment, vehicles, trailers,  generator, etc. to city limits by January 1, 2014 or further council action will be taken, second by Nordin and carried.


Bank Statement review will be completed by Olson and Stenquist.


Hilman moved to make a request to the Legion Post #214 Gambling Fund of $148.26 for two bulletin boards for the city hall meeting room, second by Nordin and carried.


Council discussed 2014 water and sewer rates.




Carol Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer







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