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The Lancaster City Council met for a special meeting on Wednesday, November 19, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall.  The following members were present: Mayor Olson, Barron, Nordin and Hilman.  Stenquest was sbsent. 

The purpose for the special meeting was to discuss annual fire contracts with the townships that the Lancaster Fire Department serves.  Olson reviewed the 2014 budget and the income statements for the previous 3 years.  Olson reported that at this time the Fire fund balance as of 10/31/2013 is $46,060.45 and there is a loan of $60,000.00 owed to USDA for the new fire truck.  Olson also reported that the city purchased a fire truck and equipment costing $233,086.62 in 2013. The group reviewed financial information for the last 3 years.

Olson reported that the fire department is in need of a cold storage building for equipment storage and various options of existing and new buildings were discussed.  

Olson reviewed a proposed 2014 fire contract schedule based on the current fire contract prorate agreement but proposed that the increase on total township contracts amounts would be increased 5% per year over the previous year’s total township contract amount for the years 2014-2016.  The pro rata share would be based upon each township’s January 1 estimated market value in each year of the 3 years covered under the agreement. There will be small changes to the schedule each year as the Estimated Market Values change for each township.   

Olson opened the meeting for  discussion and the townships asked to be able to bring this information back to their next township meetings and get back to  the city clerk prior to January 1, 2014 if this proposal is not acceptable.

The council will table the township contract renewals until there January 2014 meeting.

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