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The Lancaster City Council met for its Regular Meeting on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Meeting Room.  Members present were Mayor, Mike Olson, council members present John Stenquist, Jim Hilman, Luke Nordin.  Mary Barron was absent.

Nordin moved to approve the council minutes of the April 7, 2014 special meeting, April 9, 2014 regular meeting and April 15, 2014 continuation of regular meeting, seconded by Hilman and carried.   A copy of the Minutes will be posted at the Lancaster City Hall and U.S. Post Office and available upon request to the clerk.

The council reviewed the May 2014 bills presented this night and any other bills that have been paid prior to this meeting to avoid late payments, receive discounts & meet payroll and all payroll expenses as approved in the 2014 Rates, Fees & Appointments Schedule.   Hilman moved to approve the bills and transfer $1053.44 from the community center savings to cover expenditures for community center equipment, second by Stenquist and carried.  An abstract of bills will be posted with the minutes and are available upon request to the clerk.

Request was made Jody Peterson for the city to pay a portion of the cost to try and unfreeze her water line.   The council discussed that they have not provided this to other residents that have similar issues this winter.   The council discussed if this water line could be relocated because it has frozen previously.  Hilman will talk to Peterson regarding the matter.

George Hanson, City Attorney, presented the council with a proposed fire department ordinance and fire department policy.   The council reviewed both and made revisions.   The council asked Hanson to draft an ordinance that could be reviewed at their next meeting with possible passage and publication to be made then.  The council will work on the policy again at their next meeting.

Council also discussed Liquor Store regulations regarding on-sale liquor leaving the building.   Hanson suggests signage being placed on the bar door and additional memos and training to employees regarding the issue.

Randy Nordin, representing Podco, met with the council to discuss the need to have extra land to the north of the existing PodCo site on the south side of town.   Podco contracts are increasing and that increases the need for a larger building and also a site for a propane bullet to fulfill the companies increasing propane needs.  At this time a city street, industrial parkway, runs along the north edge of the property and a building expansion would cover that street.   Nordin is asking for permission to site the propane bullet on the north side of the industrial parkway street.  He also asks that at least part of the street be abandoned and that the city consider selling property north of the street and part of the street to Podco for the expansion.  Stenquist moved to allow Podco to place the propane bullet on the north side of the Industrial Parkway street on city property; with the understanding that Podco is responsible for all liability issues and costs, second by Hilman.  Stenquist, Hilman and Olson voted in favor;  Nordin abstained from voting.  Olson will speak to the city attorney to discuss the paperwork for the propane bullet and establishing the property lines.

Stenquist reported that he had received quotes to patch with asphalt the area on 1st Street West that was dug up in 2013 to complete a sewer repair from Minn-Dak of $32,600.00 and Troy Taggart of $35,700.00.  Hilman moved to accept the quote from Minn-Dak of$32,600.00, second by Nordin and carried.

The council also discussed storm sewer repairs to 4th and 5th Street East and an asphalt overlay on 5th Street East. One of the5th Street Storm sewers has caved in and is need of repair as soon as possible.  It will be cost effective to do all 5 storm sewers on these streets as equipment and cement can be used for all.    Nordin moved to allow the repairs to the storm sewers as soon as possible, second by Stenquist and carried.

Clerk reported that Emerson Sound and Equipment quoted $4981.50 for a sound system for the community center.   This would include speakers for the community center and meeting room with an on/off switch in the meeting room; wireless microphone; amplifier; CD/I-pod player and a lockable cabinet.   The council tabled the purchase as at this time and will talk with area service organizations with hopes of receiving donations for the purchase.

Olson reported that the Lancaster School will build and pay for the cost of a new media booth at the sports complex but is asking for donations for the project.  Stenquist moved to allow the school to build the media booth and make an appropriation of $500.00 towards the cost to the school, second by Nordin and carried.

Clerk reported that the county is holding a tax forfeited land sale in June and that there is one property on Manitoba street in Lancaster that will be in the sale.   The council did not express any interest in purchasing the property.

Council reviewed the April 2014 City and Liquor Store financial information; daily sales averages for the liquor store and gambling monthly summary.

Hilman reported that the tent for the Diamond-Amundson wedding will be installed on the community center patio.  There would be no holes in the pavers instead the tent will be weighted down with sand in barrels.   Hilman asked if ok to move one of the benches on the patio and if the tent could be put up on Friday June 5th.   All were ok with these items and Hilman will be in charge of the area.

Clerk reported that Hanson Manufacturing is behind on loan payments.  Mark Hanson has contacted the clerk and reports that Hanson Manufacturing will catch up on the payments as soon as possible.


Carol Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer                         Approved:  Mike Olson, Mayor


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