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The Lancaster City Council met for its Regular Meeting on Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 7:00 P.M.  The following persons were present: Mayor, Mike Olson; Council members: Kathy Bernstrom, Krista Matthew, Teri Halvorson and John Stenquist.  Also present Anna Jauhola, Kittson County Enterprise reporter.

Bernstrom moved to approve the February 14, 2024 Council Meeting Minutes, second by Stenquist and carried.  A copy of the Minutes will be posted at the Lancaster City Hall and U.S. Post Office and available upon request to the clerk.

The council reviewed the March 2024 bills and February 2024 Electronic Fund Transfers and other bills that have been paid prior to this meeting to avoid late payments, receive discounts & meet payroll and all payroll expenses as approved in the 2024 Rates Fees & Appointments Schedule.  Stenquist moved to approved bills and EFT’s, second by Matthew and carried.   An abstract of bills will be posted with the minutes and are available upon request.

Bernstrom moved to accept the McFarlane Heating for Community Center semi-annual inspections and add the Liquor Store exhaust system to the inspections, second by Stenquist and carried.

Bernstrom moved to approve Dean Halvorson’s application to the Fire Department pending Kittson County Sheriff’s office background check effective April 1, 2024, second by Stenquist and carried.

Stenquist moved to accept the Lancaster Lions donation of $2,000.00 for Community Center operations, second by Bernstrom and carried.

Mayor set Liquor Store inventory for April 1, 2024 at 6:30AM.

Council reviewed February Liquor Store and City financials.

Council discussed need for Fire Department to purchase a motor for one of the departments pickup trucks.

Council discussed turning over 11 street poles in Central Avenue to Ottertail Power Company at no cost to Ottertail Power as they will do future upgrades and repairs.  Bernstrom moved to accept the Agreement for Purchase, Installation, Operating and Maintenance of Outdoor Lighting Facility, second by Halvorson and carried.

George Zondagh discussed the MPCA Wastewater Treatment Facility audit and the corrective actions to be taken (reporting requirements and lagoon testing probe that has been ordered).  Also discussed is need for lift station calibration and possibly buying the equipment.

Luke Nordin met with the council to request a $75,000.00 loan from the City Revolving Loan Fund for repairs and improvement to Lancaster Lumber showroom and acquiring forklift.  The loan was reviewed by the Northwest Regional Development Commission.  The council reviewed the loan recommendations.  Bernstrom moved to loan Lancaster Lumber $75,000.00 for a period of 10 years (monthly payments) at 2% interest per year and the city would have 2nd position on all equipment, inventory and accounts receivable and 2nd Mortgage on the Lancaster Lumber property, city to be named as loss payee on hazard insurance and life insurance on Luke Nodin in the amount of the loan debt with personal guarantees from Luke and Britta Nordin; loan recipients pay 1% loan origination fee and all disbursement, second by Halvorson and carried.

Mayor closed the meeting as there was no further business for council.

Carol Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer                         Approved:  Mike Olson, Mayor

Approval Date:  April 10, 2024




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