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The Lancaster City Council met for its Regular Meeting on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at 7:00 P.M. in the City Hall Meeting Room.  The following members were present: Mike Olson, Faye Potrament; Jim Hilman and Kathy Bernstrom.  Absent Luke Nordin.

Potrament moved to approve the Council minutes of the May 15, 2019 regular meeting second by Bernstrom and carried.   A copy of the Minutes will be posted at the Lancaster City Hall and U.S. Post Office and available upon request to the clerk.

The council reviewed the June 12, 2019 bills presented this night; any other bills that have been paid prior to this meeting to avoid late payments, receive discounts & meet payroll and all payroll expenses as approved in the 2019 Rates Fees & Appointments Schedule.  Hilman moved to approve the bills, second by Potrament and carried unanimously.  An abstract of bills will be posted with the minutes and are available upon request to the clerk.

Zondagh, Maintenance Foreman, met with council to discuss various maintenance issues.  Zondagh and Hilman will work on locating a water leak that shows up in the Community Center Kitchen after it rains.  Zondagh reported that a GFI outlet for the Community Center Kitchen is weak and needed replacement as soon as possible as it was for 1 of the refrigerators; Olson approved at the same time to have the remaining 3 GFI’s replaced as they are for the other freezers and refrigerator and would cause loss of food items if tripped.  Council directed Zondagh to contact Maguire Iron regarding the paint that is peeling off the water tower legs; this was reported to them January 2018 and they were to look at repainting the next time they cleaned the tower.  Bernstrom moved to repair the water line entering the maintenance shop that froze and broke this spring, as soon as possible, second by Potrament and carried.

Clerk reported on the Regional Safety Meeting with the League of MN Cities (LMCIT) that she attended in Greenbush.  The LMCIT is instrumental on setting up and supporting City Regional Safety Groups (RSG) in the state that have been authorized by State Statute 471.59 to help small cities comply with the state’s stature requiring a city to have a safety committee and have meetings 6 times per year and also comply with OSHA requirements for a minimum of 6 safety training sessions per year and to have a safety manual; AWAIR Program and MSDS sheets.   The LMCIT pays for ½ of the costs of the trainer to implement the safety classes that would be held in one of the RSG member cities in order to also keep training time and mileage at a minimum.   The LMCIT fee would be based upon the number of cities in the region that join the RSG at this time there are 4 other cities in Kittson and Roseau County that have already committed to joining the RSG.  The annual cost to the city for the trainer would be $720.00/year and possibly less with the RSG training to begin in 2020.  Bernstrom moved to approve Resolution 2019-4 Authorizing New Regional Safety Group due to state laws and OSHA requirement, second by Hilman and carried.

Clerk reported that the State Demographer’s population and household estimates as of April 1, 2018 are population 329 and households 163.  This is slight increase from 2017.

Clerk reported that Brady Diamond was the winner of a $5,000.00 grant to the charity/nonprofit of his choice from “Bayer-Grain for Good” program.  Diamond wishes to have Bayer make the donation to the City of Lancaster-Lancaster Volunteer Fire Department to be used for Fire gear and equipment.  Hilman moved to accept the donation, second by Bernstrom and carried.

Mayor set the Liquor Store Inventory for Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 5:00PM.

Council discussed 2020 Budget needs in infrastructure; equipment; old fire hall building improvements and safety training.

Council reviewed all city fund balances and completed the designations of assigned; committed; reserved and general worksheet.  Hilman moved to accept the “Fund Balance Reserves & Designations” worksheet that has $64,941.36 in Restricted; $174,826.24 in Committed; $244,498.54 in Assigned and $34,076.21 in general-uncommitted funds as of June 12, 2019, second by Bernstrom and carried.

Council also reviewed Council reviewed the May 2019 City and Liquor Store financial information.

Council discussed that East Liquor Store door needs replacement as soon as possible.  Potrament moved to have Nordin find a contractor to replace the door and lock, second by Bernstrom and carried.

Council discussed commercial properties in town that need to clean up their lots and mow grass.  Olson and Hilman will contact owners.

Clerk reported that there is a tentative offer on the portable bar of $2,500.00.  At the July 13, 2016 meeting the council had moved to allow the sale of the portable bar if $3,000.00 received, if offer was less than that then the council needed to act on the offer.  Potrament moved to accept the offer of $2,500.00, second by Bernstrom and carried.

Council discussed overhead power lines going into the Old Fire Hall.  Trucks filling bulk water are increasing in height and the power lines could become an issue.  Mayor directed Hilman to design improvements to the old fire hall; new walk in door into the bulk water room and changing power line placement for the 2020 budget.  Also discussed filling space under Old Fire Hall, Nordin will be asked to look into various options.

Council also discussed that the gazebo needs shingles, this will also be added to 2020 Budget.

Clerk reported that representative of MN Department of Economic & Employment Development completed a routine audit of the Housing and Commercial Rehabilitation grant funds for the grant period 2016-2019.

Council discussed Liquor Store Employee Liquor Awareness training required by Liquor Liability Insurance company.  Bernstrom moved to have all untrained bartenders that have earned commutatively from original employment date or will earn $1,000.00 December 31, 2019 trained by December 31, 2019 , new employees must be trained within 2 months of hire and all currently trained employees and newly trained employees must renew their training before every 3 year training expiration date with City to pay for training hours and fees,  but city will not pay for fees and training if employee fails first attempt at training; second by Potrament and carried.

As there was no further business the council adjourned.

Carol Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer                        Approved:  Mike Olson, Mayor

Approval Date:  July 10, 2019



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