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The Lancaster City Council met for its regular meeting on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Meeting Room.  Members present were Mayor, Michael Olson; council members Luke Nordin, John Stenquist, & Jim Hilman.  Mary Barron was absent.


Stenquist moved to approve the council minutes of the May 8, 2013 regular meeting, seconded by Nordin and carried.   A copy of the Minutes will be posted at the Lancaster City Hall and U.S. Post Office and available upon request to the clerk.


The council reviewed the June 2013 bills to be paid.  Stenquist moved to approve the bills as presented for payment and to use $149.85 from the community center savings to cover the costs of community center chair dollies, second by Hilman and carried.  An abstract of bills will be posted with the minutes and are available upon request to the clerk.


The clerk reported that this past month the cost of contamination in the recycling bin is $81.00.  Plus the cost of cleaning the recycling bin of  $40.00/month.  Council discussed removal of the recycling bin in order to make the public aware of the problem and the need to monitor and educate all persons using the bins.  Reminders to follow recycling instructions will be placed on the local network and in local businesses. 


Council discussed future needs for small items for city owned public buildings.  Hilman moved to allow the council person in charge of buildings to approve future expenditures not to exceed $500, second by Stenquist and carried.


Council discussed repairs, improvements and possible expansion at the Highway 59 Park and Campgrounds.  Tom Sebenaler, park maintenance, has proposed the construction of a pit toilet at the far north end of the campgrounds.  The material cost would not exceed $1500.00 and he would do the construction as part of his work hours.  Nordin moved to have Sebenaler construct the pit toilet, second by Hilman and carried.   Council discussed possible expansion areas.  Olson will have Sebenaler plant trees along the park and Chris Jerome’s lot line to screen the open area that could be used for future expansion.    The council also discussed structures and decks within the campgrounds area.    The council feels it would be good to meet with campers and visit about campground improvements and issues.  This meeting will be held sometime in July.


Hilman reported that Lancaster Housing does not want to purchase the old Liquor Store Dumpster.  Hilman moved to advertise the dumpster for sale along with the loader from the tractor, second by Nordin and carried.


Council reviewed funding information for the community center and the ability to take an additional $35, 000.00 in a USDA loan for completion of items such as storm sewer, parking lot, propane relocates and landscaping and to help cover some architect fees.  Nordin moved to apply for the additional $35,000.00 loan from USDA for the community center and allow the mayor and clerk to execute all documents for this loan, second by Hilman and carried.


The architect has approved final payment to Culinex for the community center kitchen in the amount of $9,357.83 and recommends that the city pay the amount owed.  Stenquist moved to allow the claim and make final payment, pending approval from USDA, second by Nordin and carried.


Zondagh reported that Infratech has informed him that due to the nature of the breaks in the sewer lines on 1st St West that they will be unable to fix the sewer line by relining with sleeve and quickcrete process.  Due to the need to have this sewer line fixed as soon as possible Zondagh obtained a quote from Anderson Brother Construction for 250’ of excavation and sewer line replacement in the amount of $23,600.00.  Hilman moved to accept the quote and have the work, second by Stenquist and carried.


Dan Jaszczak, Essential Landscapes, submitted a quote of $9,907.00 for install of concrete pavers and landscaping around the community center.  The council visited with Jaszczak regarding various items.  Stenquist moved to accept the quote, second by Hilman and carried.


Clerk reported that Bruce Nielsen has offered to donate 10 yards of crushed 5/8 rock to the city for the landscaping project, Hanson Manufacturing has offered to fabricate 5 metal benches for only the cost of material and that Podco, LLC.  will do the powder coating of the benches for free.  Stenquist moved to pay Hanson Manufacturing for their material for the benches, second by Hilman and carried.   The council wishes to thank these people and companies and all of the other individuals and companies that have been so generous with their donations of time, money and material.


Clerk reported that the state demographer’s April 1, 2012 population number for the City is 336

down 2 from 2011, and the household number is 162 down 1 from 2011.


Council discussed assembling and equipment inventory for the city including fire department equipment.  This is something that the city auditor has suggested.


Council received estimate from Bear Graphix for various decal styles for the Liquor Store Dumpster.  Clerk directed to order the 2 stickers costing $20.00 each noting that the dumpster is not for public use.


Mayor set the liquor store inventory for June 30, 2013 at 2:00 PM.


Council reviewed the May 2013 City and Liquor Store financial information. 


Council discussed encouraging businesses within the city limits to clean up their properties as much as possible.  Hilman and Olson will work on this.


Mayor has had a request by Jack & Susan Weaver to clean the ditch to the northwest of their property.  The Weavers have agreed to pay ½ of the cost.  Olson will work with adjacent land owners and obtain a quote for the cost of the ditch cleaning.


Clerk informed the council that the street sign at the corner of Central Ave and Alaska Street had been destroyed in a late night accident.  The sheriff’s office is looking into the accident and will try to find the person responsible.   Judy Swenson has contacted the Kittson County and the City Clerk asking for some sort of additional signage and monitoring to slow people down at this intersection as there have been several persons going too fast and ending up missing the turn on County road 27 and going in the ditch.  The county engineer has suggested that the county will install a 90? turn signs and 15 MPH speed limit signs.   He also suggests that the city install stop signs instead of yield signs on the city streets at this intersection.  Hilman moved to have the county install the stop sign on Central Ave and Alaska Street, second by Nordin and carried.


Clerk reported that Heiman, Inc freight charge  for hauling the new fire truck from Lyon, SD to Lancaster would be $1800.00.   Hilman moved to accept the quote from Heiman, second by Stenquist and carried.


Maintenance has asked to install a 6 foot ring of concrete around the storm sewer on the west side of the community center.  The cost for concrete and gravel is estimated to be less than $800 not including labor, Zondagh and Sebenaler will do the labor.  Stenquist moved to allow the expenditures for the concrete & gravel not to exceed $800.00, second by Nordin and carried.


Clerk has requested permission to cash the fire truck designated CD’s and close the United Valley Bank Fire Treasury Gold account also designated for the fire truck.  All monies will be moved into the general fund checking to help pay for the new fire truck that will be delivered in July.  Hilman moved to cash the two CD’s and close the United Valley Bank Fire Treasury Gold account, second by Nordin and carried.


Council Adjourned as there was no further council business.



Carol Johnson  Clerk/Treasurer



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