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The Lancaster City Council met for its annual meeting on Wednesday, January 9, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall.  The clerk administered the oath of office to the Mayor, Michael Olson, council members Luke Nordin and Jim Hilman. Clerk also presented the new council member with the City Code of Ethics Policy. 


The following members were present: Olson, Stenquist, Barron, Nordin and Hilman.


The council also completed and presented to the clerk Disclosure of Financial Interest Forms.


Stenquist moved to approve the council minutes of the December 12, 2012 regular meeting, seconded by Barron and carried.   A copy of the Minutes will be posted at the Lancaster City Hall and U.S. Post Office and available upon request to the clerk.


The council reviewed the January 2013 bills to be paid. Clerk reported that the cost of 22 tables and 120 chairs with dollies purchased from School Outfitters exceeded the$7,000.00 allotted at the December 2012 meeting by $584.53 the tables ordered cost increased from the time they were priced, the total cost of $7584.53 is listed in the bills to be paid at this meeting.  Stenquist moved to approve the bills for payment and to allow the increase in the School Outfitters invoices, second by Barron and carried.  An abstract of bills will be posted with the minutes and are available upon request to the clerk.


George Zondagh, city maintenance, met with the council to discuss the purchase of a Polaris Ranger from Agri-Sports, Inc. that was approved at the December 2012 meeting.  The 2003 Polaris Ranger was no longer available after the council approved its purchase.  Agri-Sports has a 2007 Polaris Ranger with a new blade and winch for $7,200.00 plus applicable tax and license fees that will be available after January 10, 2013.  Zondagh has asked for approval to purchase the 2007 Ranger, but would like a council person to also inspect the ranger when it before the purchase.  Barron moved to allow Zondagh to purchase the 2007 Polaris Ranger with new blade and winch for $7,200.00 00 plus applicable tax and license fees, second  by Nordin and carried.

Olson will inspect the Ranger with Zondagh before the purchase.


Zondagh also reported that Infratech  has televised the sewer under 1st street and reports that they are unable to sleeve the 2 breaks that were found.  They recommend that the breaks be repaired by the standard method of excavation and repair.  Zondagh was asked to obtain an estimated cost of the repairs and bring this information to the council.


Council reviewed the proposed 2013 rates and fees schedule.  Stenquist moved to adopt the 2013 rates and fees schedule, seconded by Hilman and carried.  The following is the complete 2013 rates and fees schedule:

Acting Mayor if Mayor absent, John Stenquist

Fire Chief     Terry Kukowski              250.00 yearly

Fire Relief Assoc. Annual Meeting 3rd Wednesday of each March 8:00 PM at the Lancaster Fire Hall

Responsibility areas:  City buildings – Luke Nordin

                       City Services, City Employees & Equip –Jim Hilman

                       City Infrastructure-John Stenquist

                                       Liquor Store – Mary Barron       

                                       Park/Recreation – Michael Olson

Board Appointments: Lancaster EDA-Michael Olson & John Stenquist

                                       Kittson Co. Affordable Housing-Mary Barron

Council PerDiems   (this includes committees and other classes/meetings attended)

                Mayor – $70 per mtg.

                Council – $50 per mtg.

                Mileage – current IRS mileage rate

Official Newspaper:  Kittson County Enterprise

Official Depositories:  United Valley Bank, Prime Security Bank & American Federal Bank

BUILDING RENTAL RATES:  See rental rates sheet posted at city hall and available on lancastermn.org web site  

Camping fees:      Daily-Non electric       10.00 Electric      15.00   

                                Weekly-Non electric    50.00               Electric     80.00

                                Monthly-Non electric 140.00              Electric   210.00

Permits:Peddlers daily                                  50.00

                Beer        3.2 daily                          50.00

                Restaurant 3.2 Beer & Wine On-Sale Annual       200.00-effective licenses starting 1/1/2014

                Off sale  3.2 Annual                                                     200.00–effective licenses starting 1/1/2014

                Off Sale Intoxicating Liquor-set by statute      240.00-restricted to 1 licensee in the city limits

On Sale Intoxicating Liquor                             1760.00-restricted to 1 licensee in the city limits               


Clerk has approval effective each January 1 with the passing of the rates & fees schedule to pay any bills necessary to avoid late payments, receive discounts &  meet payroll and all payroll expenses.

Clean Recycling Bin $40/month & $7.25/hr for downtown garbage can cleaning-increased 7/1/10

Clerk $105/mo. for use of clerk’s office, heat, electricity,phone & DSL- until such time that city office is moved from clerks home.

Equipment rates:  Payloader $150/hr.; John Deere Tractor & Rotary Mower $125/hr & Ford Mower $125/hr.-Min. 1 hr.

Insurance issues:  The city does NOT waive the monetary limits on municipal tort liability established by MN Statute 466.04.

Effective 1/1/13 Water:  Minimum 6000 gallons and less $45.00/quarter and  $6.10/each 1000 gallons above minimum.

Sewer:  Min 6000 gal. & less $45.00 and $3.60/each 1000 gallon of water used between 7000-50,000 gal.; $3.25/each 1000 gallons of water used between 51,000-100,000 gallons; $2.85/each 1000 gallons of water used starting at 101,000 gallons.

INDUSTRIAL PARK SPECIAL SEWER RATE (water usage exceeds 30k) sewer rate is $6.10/1000 on all usage above 30k

Bulk Water rates $8.25/1000 Gallon-minimum of 2000 Gal/$16.50  --  Water Hookup/New account fee $35.

Insufficient Funds Check charges are $35.00/check and will be added to the customer’s water/sewer account

Interest rate on overdue accounts 10% per annum.

Special Assessments: eff. 1/1/10: New Water Hookups $4,000.00, 20 yr. assessment with 5% interest per year &

Effective 1/1/10 new Sewer Hookups $4,000.00, 20 yr. assessment with 5% interest per year. All Extensions will be reviewed by the council , and may at the councils discretion be charged higher Water & Sewer hookup fees.

 NOTE:  North Kittson Rural Water Special Assessments as applied to other city hookups also apply.


Council reviewed the State Health Inspectors report regarding the new Community Center Kitchen.  The kitchen has been approved to open for use.  The only item that the inspector mentioned is  that the floor grit seems to be a aggressive and he will monitor the cleanliness of the kitchen floor.  The clerk has forwarded this report to Widseth, Smith and Nolting & Bordertown Construction for their information.


Olson reported that he and John Wynne are working on an Outdoor Recreation Grant for improvements to the Highway 59 park and campground.


Council reviewed the December City and Liquor Store financial information, Liquor Store Daily sales and Gambling Monthly receipts.  Council discussed that the liquor store cost of goods for resale is out of balance with sales and are awaiting the final inventory numbers to review the issue. 


Clerk reported that the waxing of the community center floor is the city’s responsibility and Debbie Groves has indicated that she would wax the community center floor, strip and wax the Meeting room and clerk’s office for $15.00/hr to be paid as wages not an independent contractor.  Barron moved to allow the waxing pay differential and all associated costs of wax, stripper and pads as needed to do this project, second by Hilman and carried.


Debbie Groves is currently are building cleaning person and has indicated that she would be willing to obtain her food service license if the city paid all costs.  This would allow her to be able to monitor the Community Center Kitchen as needed.  Stenquist moved to have Groves obtain the food service license and have the city pay all associated costs and also pay Groves her regular hourly payroll rate for training and testing time, second by Barron and carried.


Barron moved to use funds from the Community Center Savings account for all Culinex invoices for Kitchen and other community center supplies, second by Hilman and carried.


Hilman moved to approve the Payment invoice #2 from Culinex in the amount of $17879.73, pending approval from WSN, Inc. and USDA and NWCA and draw $17,879.73 from the MN Rural Water Finance Authority construction loan, second by Stenquist and carried.


Lancaster Lions Club has requested city approval for a gambling license application to hold 3 bingo events in Lancaster,  Barron moved to accept the application and allow the Mayor to sign the application, second by Nordin and carried.


Clerk reported that all the recipients of  revolving loan funds from the city are current as of December 31, 2012 and also provided the council with a report that shows 2012 loan activity and principal balances as of December 31, 2012.


 Council Adjourned as there was no further council business.




Carol Johnson  Clerk/Treasurer








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