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The Lancaster City Council met for its Regular Meeting on Thursday, December 9, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Meeting Room.  The following members were present: Olson, Sebenaler, Hilman and Nordin.  Barron was absent.

Sebenaler moved to approve the council minutes of the November 12, 2015 regular meeting, seconded by Hilman and carried.   A copy of the Minutes will be posted at the Lancaster City Hall and U.S. Post Office and available upon request to the clerk.

The council reviewed the December 2015 bills presented this night; any other bills that have been paid prior to this meeting to avoid late payments, receive discounts & meet payroll and all payroll expenses as approved in the 2015 Rates Fees & Appointments Schedule.   Hilman moved to approve the bills, second by Nordin and carried.  An abstract of bills will be posted with the minutes and are available upon request to the clerk.

Olson and Sebenaler report that the school is ok with no parking on the south side of 5th street from Central Avenue to Highway 59 to help with snow removal and street congestion in the winter months.  Sebenaler moved to close parking on south side of 5th street from Central Avenue to Highway 59 6:00AM to 4:00PM to help with snow removal and street congestion, second by Nordin and carried.

Council discussed the status of the Hanson Manufacturing revolving loans that are delinquent.   Hilman reports that Mark Hanson will meet with the council next January to discuss the issue.

Hilman moved to pay Keith Schmiedeberg the $500.00 fire chief salary for 2015 and to allow the council per diems as presented for 2015, second by Sebenaler and carried.

Clerk discussed with council the option to allow the Fire Relief Association join the PERA State Volunteer Fire Retirement Plan as set up by state statute to help meet the Association’s new reporting and accounting procedures.   Clerk attended the Fire Relief Association December meeting to discuss this option and at that meeting the Association approved submitting a pre application to determine costs of implementation and the association’s actuarial standing. 

Council reviewed the November 2015 City and Liquor Store financial information and daily sales averages for the liquor store.

Sebenaler that the high bidder for the John Deere Loader does not want to increase his bid for the loader.

Hilman reported that the Liquor Store is in need of insulation in the ceiling.   Nordin will get an estimate for the cost.

Hilman also reports that the Fire Department will start Fireman training 1 and 2 with Kevin Klein from Hallock Fire Department to be trainer

Mayor set Liquor Store inventory for 3:00PM January 1, 2016.

Council reviewed city water and sewer rates for the January Annual Meeting.

Hilman moved to allow the Mayor and Clerk to sign the Audit Engagement Letter for 2015, second by Nordin and carried.

Sebenaler moved to approve the biannual DNR fire contract payment request, second by Nordin and carried.

Council received a thank you and photograph from the Lancaster School for the cities support in building the media booth.

Being no further business the council adjourned.

Carol Johnson, Clerk/Treasurer                         Approved:  Mike Olson, Mayor







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